Here are a few of the websites we've designed or updated:


These gorgeous beachfront lots in the Exumas had been on the market for several months, but the owners wanted to reach a wider market. Caprus designed this site to showcase the property in keeping with its truly exceptional appeal.


This charter airline had a website, but it was badly out of date and had been edited by a variety of people with different levels of expertise. We were asked to create a new site, updating all the information on it, while retaining the look and feel of the old site. This project was particularly challenging as the name of the company had changed, so the graphics all had to be modified to reflect the new identity, yet retain their familiar appearance. Caprus maintains the site and makes updates to it as needed.


This small air freight service needed a web presence, but didn't need a fancy site. Caprus registered a domain name and created a very simple single page website at a very reasonable cost.


This couple wanted a site that would be sophisticated and informative in keeping with the professional image that many psychics are trying to present in the new millennium. We registered their domain name, designed the site and configured an on-line payment system.


These folks have a great product. They were very happy with their website, but they wanted to add on-line sales and add a few updates. Their webmaster was tied up and unable to get to the project in a timely way, so they asked Caprus to add a shopping cart system with secure eCommerce capabilities and make a few updates to the product listings. When the project was complete we instructed the staff and webmaster in its new features. They're now able maintain and update their site without our assistance.


The owner of this quaint Bahamian restaurant wanted an on-line presence that would emphasize his menu. This simple three page site met his needs exceptionally well and at a modest cost. On a personal note: this restaurant is a little out of the way, but you'll never eat in a lovelier spot (be sure to make a reservation).

So, how can we improve your on-line presence?