Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm told we should get our company "on-line". I don't even know what that means. Can Caprus help me?

I don't have an account with a hosting service. Can you help me get started?

We're on line now, but our setup no longer meets our needs. Do we have to start all over again?

We'd like to set up unique email addresses for each of our employees. Would that be difficult or expensive?

I don't see a lot of fancy scripts or other "state of the art" gimmicks on the sites you've designed. Why Not?

Short Answer:

We firmly believe in keeping it simple. However, when complex and sophisticated code is required we can and do use it.

Long Answer (in two parts):

First, in our humble opinion too many web designers use their customers' sites to show off their own talents. There are literally thousands of techniques a knowledgeable designer can use to make a web page more attractive and/or more functional. It's entirely appropriate to use one or more of them when that's the best way to get the job done. However, the more complex the technique the greater the risk. For example: Many techniques will only produce the desired result when viewed with particular browsers. What about the potential buyer who surfs to your site with a browser that doesn't support the technique used to create it? That could be a lost sale.

Second, Caprus has always believed that "The Customer Comes First". Should our customer wish, for any reason, to take over responsibilty for his firm's own Internet presence he should be able to do so without having to incur tremendous expense. Complex and sophisicated code requires a level of expertise that he may not wish to acquire.

Does Caprus send spam?