Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm told we should get our company "on-line". I don't even know what that means. Can Caprus help me?

I don't have an account with a hosting service. Can you help me get started?

We're on line now, but our setup no longer meets our needs. Do we have to start all over again?

Probably Not.

Perhaps it just needs a little "fine tuning". Caprus can help you improve the setup you've got. If not we can even start from scratch, and we're often able to save you time and money by reusing elements of your old setup.

We'd like to set up unique email addresses for each of our employees. Would that be difficult or expensive?

I don't see a lot of fancy scripts or other "state of the art" gimmicks on the sites you've designed. Why Not?

Does Caprus send spam?