About Caprus

Caprus first opened for business in 1992 as a computer company. We designed and built thousands of custom, Industrial PCs, Servers and Networks for hundreds of businesses large and small all over the world. Caprus created solutions to all sorts of problems that couldn't be solved with off the shelf solutions.

The more our customers got to know us, the more they began to ask us questions like:

"Who designed your website?"

Answer: "We did it ourselves."

"Where can we get a new sign for our building"?

Answer: "We'll create the design for you. Three of our customers are sign shops, so we'll get one of them to create and install your sign."

"Where can I buy branded shirts like yours?"

Answer: "We design them, and one of our customers makes them up."

"We've outgrown our space, but I've no time to find a solution?"

Answer: "We Have a great deal of experience in architectural layout, construction and remodelling. Maybe we can do some of the legwork for you. Perhaps you just need to rethink the way you use your space, or maybe you need to find a bigger space. Either way we can help."

Eventually we found ourselves spending more and more of our time helping our customers promote their businesses and less time on their computers. We soon found it was more satisfying to help you grow your business than it was working on your computers.

So in 2001 we stopped designing computers, and in 2005 we stopped working on computer solutions altogether.

If you've got a project in mind and don't have the time to do it yourself, contact Caprus. We can help. If we can't do the job ourselves we probably know someone who can.